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Son Suspended from School for 3 Days, Mom Praised for Clever Punishment

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School suspension can be a controversial topic. Certain negative behaviors are almost universally recognized as needing to be addressed in some way.

Is suspension really the best way of punishing students, though? When students are required to leave school for a specified time period, many wonder if this absence from school classes is the best form of discipline.

A mother from Shreveport, Louisiana wasn’t going to let her son’s suspension turn into a vacation. Demetris Payne’s clever punishment for her son has gone viral.

Not only has it gone viral, but it has received plenty of praise. It’s a bold step for a parent to publically share how they will discipline their child.

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For an individual to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback about their choice of discipline is quite rare! It must be good.

No matter what your opinion is on the suspension debate, one can respect the lesson Payne aimed to teach her son. He was suspended from school for three days.

Facebook groups may not always be the best place to seek out help in disciplining your child. For Payne, the South Bossier Online Yard Sale Facebook group actually was of great assistance during the suspension period.

She shared that her son was suspended. Then, she shared how her community could help.

They could help by allowing her suspended son to help them. She wrote quite the advertisement on her son’s behalf.

Payne wrote, “He will do your lawn service, he will rake your yard, mow if you supply the mower, pick up trash, or wash your car for free.”

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“Maximum three hours. If anyone has a rake they would like to donate will be awesome,” she continued.

Requests flew into Payne’s inbox. A strict schedule was created in order to ensure he made it to all of his appointments to do the various tasks.

A hedger, lawnmower, and weed eater were all donated to her son. He mowed lawns and cleaned up yards all while his mother made sure he stayed on task.

Payne posted videos and photos of her son doing the yard work, which resulted in hundreds of encouraging comments. Natalie Ann Phillips commented, “So glad that his suspension was spent doing community service and teaching a lesson as opposed to a 3-day vacation.”

Another comment by Meghan Lester read: “WE NEED MORE MOMMAS LIKE YOU!!! I love this and love more that you were willing to take time from your days to be beside him as he did the yard work!”

Payne shared a positive update at the end of her son’s suspension. She shared, “Meeting with all his teachers and set up a plan so we can make sure he stays on track.”

Payne’s ability to turn her son’s suspension into a positive time of discipline and service is refreshing and inspiring. Great job, mom!

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